Shrub Pruning

Apledorn Landscaping has many years of experience pruning shrubs, bushes and small trees on residential and commercial properties in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Properly pruned shrubs are a vital part of your home or commercial property’s curb appeal.

Commercial and Residential Pruning Services

Apeldorn Landscaping’s commercial and residential pruning services include hand pruning, which gives plants a more natural look, and shearing, which is a more formal look often seen in hedge rows. We do whatever the property requires. From woody shrubs and bushes to small ornamental trees, our expert landscapers are dedicated to keeping your woody plants and shrubs healthy and beautiful year after year.

To learn more about our commercial and residential shrub pruning services contact Apeldorn Landscaping today.

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Shrub Pruning Tips

Properly pruning your shrubs and bushes is key to preserving their lushness and beauty. The experts and Apeldorn Landscaping will carefully schedule. your property to ensure that your shrubs and bushes live long and flower for years!

  Prune young shrubs lightly to allow fuller bushes
  The longer you wait to prune, the more difficult it becomes
  Pruning too early or too late in the season can be detrimental