Commercial and Residential Leaf Removal Services

Apeldorn Landscaping has been offering commercial and residential leaf removal services since 1992. We proudly service businesses and homes in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, offering leaf cleanup in fall through early winter.

Healthier Lawns and Gardens

Fallen leaves left to rot on your lawn will reduce light and air circulation needed for healthy turf. Additionally, leaves trap moisture on your grass, making it a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which can destroy your beautiful lawn. To avoid these issues and ensure your turf comes back green and lush in the spring, leaves need to be raked and removed regularly during fall by a trusted leaf removal service like Apeldorn Landscaping.

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Benefits of Leaf Removal

Apeldorn Landscaping is passionate about keeping your property as fresh and as appealing as possible.  In the autumn months, fallen leaves can become a burden not only for aesthetic purposes but also for the quality of your yard.

  Leaves can slow runoff during storms
  Ice atop fallen leaves can prevent water from reaching the soil
  Aesthetic lawns are leaf-free lawns
  Excessive leaves can kill grass by blocking sunlight
  Fungi and bacteria levels can increase under leaves