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Mulching Services

Apeldorn Landscaping’s mulching services are available to any of our commercial or residential customers. Mulching is a very important part of any beautiful landscape, as it adds a nice finishing touch. Here at Apeldorn Landscaping, we understand the importance of proper mulching and we’ve been providing high-quality mulching for homes and businesses in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties since 1992.

Why Is Mulch Important

Mulch acts as a barrier between the soil and the air, regulating soil temperatures and slowing the evaporation of water in your garden beds and around trees.

Why should you mulch?

Mulching is important for healthy plants and soil, but properly mulching can be difficult for property owners. The experienced staff at Apeldorn Landscaping will make sure your garden is properly mulched.

  Keep weeds at bay
  Maintains warm soil in winter and cool soil in summer
 Improves drainage of soil
  Conserves moisture in soil
  Aesthetically pleasing all year round