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Commercial and Residential Lawn Mowing Services

Apeldorn Landscaping is the go-to service for commercial and residential lawn mowing services in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. When you choose Apeldorn for your mowing services you know that you are getting quality and reliability.

Quality Makes The Difference

Apeldorn Landscaping is well-known as one of the most trusted lawn mowing companies in the greater Philadelphia area. Home and business owners have relied on us for their lawn mowing needs because our quality is second to none.

Lawn Maintenance Tips

Watering your lawn and is the key to preserving its lushness and beauty. Apeldorn Landscaping is able to keep your lawn fresh year round and provide you with the knowledge to take some matters into your own hands.  Here are a few to start:

  Preparation and planning are crucial
  Cutting your grass too short can dry out your soil
  Water your lawn only once a week, but water it deep
  Aeration is important for providing nutrients to the roots
  A healthy and full lawn can actually drown out weeds

In addition to the time spent on this chore, lawn mowers often break and cutting the grass and weed whacking is a back-breaking, strenuous chore, which is only worse during the hot summer months. Do-it- yourselfers are often left sore and sunburnt for days or weeks on end after cutting their grass.
Apeldorn Landscaping’s lawn mowing is more affordable than you might think. Some home and business owners think they can’t afford a grass-cutting service so they opt do it themselves. They waste countless hours during the spring and summer months when they could be spending time enjoying their home and yard or managing their business’ day-to- day affairs.
To learn more about our commercial and residential lawn mowing services or to get set up on a schedule contact Apeldorn Landscaping today.